21st century hwarang

a hwarang is the korean parallel to the japanese ninja or a samurai. literally translated as flower youth, hwarang lives to serve the community that he lives in and is constantly studying. i'm just a boy in 21st century united states. how can i replicate that in my life? that's what this blog is about. and also, my artwork, creative output, etc.

This is the other half of my work at KRC.  Believe it or not, we worked on civic engagement before doing this.

The above video documents the youth that I work with trying to guess what NAKASEC stands for.

You must forgive me for not updating this blog for the longest while.  I have just given a metaphorical birth to fifteen youth — meaning that our youth program has just kicked off.  The past week has been entirely chaotic with many last minute meetings, organizing activities, and brainstorming.  We’ve played many fun games along with educational ones such as Immigration History Jeopardy! and KRC Scavenger Hunt.  We’ve shown them different sides of organizing through our drumming workshop and the film A Song for Ourselves.  Former director of NAKASEC, Eun-Sook Lee and CSU Northridge professor David Song gave crash courses on progressive organizing movements in Korean America and Korean American immigration history.  I feel like I’ve learned more than the youth!

The youth are enjoying our educational efforts to engage them through civics.  With AKASIA folks coming in to talk about AB540, DREAM Act and the challenges of being undocumented, I know for sure that they will be ready to make their first legislative visit with the office of Representative Karen Bass (D-33) this week.  Oh, the places we’ll go!

역시 여름은 빙수가 있어야 한다.

요즘 개을러졌다. 으항.

좀 열심히 살아봅시다. 네???


My Korean man!!!!

30 Day Song Challenge
Day 13: 남몰래 듣는곡 

I don’t listen to this song…  I listen it for the French in the bridge.  Yeah, that’s what I listen to it for.  I don’t love the lyrics either…  (Guilt)

"Vous êtes jamais seuls / Vous savez ce qu’il faut faire / Ne laissez pas tomber votre nation / La disco a besoin de vous!"

Kylie Minogue - “Your Disco Needs You”

  • AS: Listen, I'm hungry. You have anything?
  • TC: A single banana.
  • RD: So what are you up to?
  • TC: Looking for love in all the wrong places. You?
  • RD: Same.